“WOW. My experience with Diana was out of this world. I have never received a reading like this before and it was truly such a unique and special experience for me. We instantly connected and I felt like I was talking with an old friend.

She gave me SO much insight and answers to things that I’ve been dealing with and I can honestly say I feel more confident, secure, and supported on my current path than I ever have.

She has a very magical gift and she was spot on with all of the messages she received about many aspects of my life. I’m so grateful we were brought together, I’ve been feeling a little unsure about where I’m going and what I’m doing, but after our session I feel lighter and more courageous to take on the path before me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Jennifer Cramer, USA

“My session with Diana was a such great experience! It was my first Akashic Records Reading and I didn’t know what to expect. It ended up being exactly what I needed! Diana was easy to connect with and we were definitely brought together for a reason. The reading was done in a conversational manner that made it a very comfortable experience. Diana only gave me info that was relevant to the present.

This was really important to me; since, if left to my own curiosity, I could easily get lost in wanting to know things that don’t matter right now. I fully trust that she was only providing me with information that is for my highest good. She brought up words and ideas that had also been showing up in other areas of my life. She kept her own interpretation out of the way unless there was a common thread to her own experience that was relevant to me.

I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who is thinking about working with her. If you are drawn to her – there is a reason – just say yes.” – Steffani D., USA

“Thanks so much for a really interesting evening – and for the reminder about the new moon on 6th.

Something really interesting happened for me at the event – I had been feeling very unsure about my decision to move to Denmark, but while I was writing my intentions, it was if something suddenly switched in my head and in my heart, and I feel so different now. I feel at peace about being here in DK and in Aarhus! I think it was what you said about leaving behind the things that have happened in the past that really helped me.

Thank you so much. You have a beautiful spirit and a wonderful energy. Hope to see you again.” Much love, Angela, UK

Some people are like flowers, some people are like stones, and some are like birds that fly around you and bring to your life things that you would never have believed existed.

Diana is such a person.

She is completely open to others, she embodies love, compassion and all those positive qualities that are so precious to all of us.

She is also a vehicle for a voice beyond what we conceive as our normal realm of existence.

A voice from above that can give us answers, guidance and help us become who we really are, and in the process be good to the people around us, our loved ones, and so much more.

If there was only one thing i could say to Diana, it would be “Thank God”. For meeting you and benefiting from your Light. You are a gift.

Thank you.” David Daubin, France

“I have a very positive feeling about my interaction with you, both your warm personality and professional skills. In times of doubt, you definitely helped me to gain perspective and stick with my true beliefs, which get easily clouded by other people’s opinion.

I believe the sessions really helped me to motivate me to find a way to study medicine, which I will be able to start soon hopefully. I also very much appreciate the natal chart and personality insights you sent me, because this helps me to use my strengths optimally and to be aware and accept my weaknesses and fears.

I hope you will keep on being an inspiration to others Diana, because you are great at it.” Nathalie Ariane E Van Den Berge, Belgium

“I have had a number of coaching sessions over the last few weeks. After completing some initial questionnaires this was followed by either personal meetings or Online calls.

I found Diana’s insights very thought provoking. I felt like I began to see my situation from a more detached perspective, and this has helped me enormously in terms of becoming my own best guide, and having the confidence to be that guide.

Thank you Diana, you have helped me a lot. If you are feeling “stuck”, and in need of someone else’s perspective and new ideas, then I can recommend Diana as a coach. Name withheld for privacy, UK

“Working with Diana was a true pleasure. We started off with her being my coach and she has knowingly guided me into looking for answers inside myself.

She has provided me with several spot-on inspirations for my every-day practices, which has led me to a higher quality life. I love how she combines spirituality with down-to-earth everyday life approach. I would definitely recommend working with Diana.” Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz, Poland

“I can strongly recommend Diana’s mentoring. She was able to analyse my characteristics using enneagram and other techniques and suggest strategies for dealing with my goals and desires.

She has a very nice and personal approach to it so the sessions are thoroughly enjoyable!” Fabio Delle Grazie, Italy

“I warmly recommend Diana as a coach. Without Diana, I would not have been able to let go of all of the negativity, sadness, and hopelessness that had been part of my personality for many years.

She really is able to put herself in the situation of others, and customize each session according to the individual’s needs.

She is extremely good at teaching, and for me, Diana was not only a coach, but also a friend, who believed in me in times when everything looked hopeless.”  Hamed Ghasemi, Iran/Denmark

“When I participated in a mentor course, I had to pleasure to have Diana as my mentor. With her calm and very unique being, she helped me to be more aware of what kind of type I am, focusing on what strengths and weaknesses I should be aware of.

Moreover, Diana also taught me different meditation techniques, and hereby guided me how to be and live more mindful. Diana is a very inspiring and person, and I can only give her my best recommendations.” Maja Høj Nielsen, Denmark

“Sharing that evening with you all helped me a lot because I talked about fears that I didn’t dare to speak about.. not even with myself. I feel a big relief now and less scared about the future 🙂

Thanks a lot and looking forward to the next event.” Elisabet Gorriz Valera, Spain

“Diana was very helpful and the way she did coaching was really digging inside my mind with her questions in the session.

This method helped me to focus better on many things that I want to achieve in live by letting go on my fear.” Ethenia Novianty, Indonesia

“Igennem et forløb på fire sessioner á en times varighed, er jeg blevet coachet af Diana Poulsen. I august startede jeg på mit første fuldtidsjob efter jeg afsluttede min universitetsuddannelse, og i den forbindelse har jeg haft brug for en coach, der kunne vejlede og coache mig igennem forskellige udfordringer og ambitioner i starten af mit arbejdsliv.

Igennem hele forløbet, har det været op til mig, hvilke emner jeg havde lyst til at snakke om, og hvilke mål jeg ville opsætte. Her har Diana taget udgangspunkt i mit ståsted for samtalen, og det har således været mit mål, og vejen derhen, der har været i fokus for hver coaching-session.

Diana har en fantastisk evne til at stille nogle spørgsmål, som får mig til at reflektere over mine prioriteringer, valg, fravalg og ambitioner. Hun graver derind, hvor man begynder at arbejde med sig selv, bliver klogere og lærer sig selv bedre at kende. Jeg vil give Diana mine varmeste anbefalinger – hun er en særdeles dygtig coach.” Josefine Sandager, Denmark

“Jeg har haft Diana som min første coach, og det har været en meget positiv oplevelse. Hun virkede meget professionel med spørgeteknikken og jeg kan nok bruge tankebanen videre i mit eget liv.

Men lige så vigtigt er Diana’s store kendskab til mennesker, personlig udvikling og mange forskellige tilgange til livet. Jeg følte mig tryg i at hun kendte ”min type” og kunne lede forløbet i den rigtige retning med hendes spørgsmål.

Jeg føler at jeg fik et nyt perspektiv og tro på mit liv. Desuden har Diana en varm og rummelig personlighed.” Flemming Voxtrup Petersen, Denmark

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