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Ignite Your Purpose

Diana Poulsen

“We do have the innermost, inner and outer purpose. We usually start with looking for an outer purpose, while we always live our inner purpose by seeing our mistakes, wounds, and old stories as learning opportunities. Our innermost purpose lies in the seed of our consciousness, ready to be discovered.”

I have created this short yet deep course for the ones, who are looking for THAT SPARK OF INSPIRATION to take aligned actions towards their vision, intentions, and goals.

This course is the perfect mix of Strategy, Methods, and Practical Tips on how to prepare yourself for a shift in your career.

This course is for you if you are in a career that doesn’t fulfill you, do the work that is connected to your shadow purpose (something you are good at, but you are not in the state of flow), or simply want to get inspired to deepen your purpose.

I’ve created this special formula and it’s helped me and my clients to align with their purpose. You will:

⭐️ Learn how to ignite your purpose;

⭐️ Prepare mindset for a change;

⭐️ Build a career that feels aligned with your core values;

⭐️ Learn about your money story and prepare your resources;

⭐️ Heal your work-life history through energy methods;

⭐️ Boost your energy to handle challenges, setbacks and prepare You for an energetic alignment with Your Life’s Work.

What clients say about the "Ignite Your Purpose"

What clients say about the "Ignite Your Purpose"

Energetic Alignment & Strategy for Actualizing Your Purpose

Actualize Your Vision:
Grounded Approach

If you are a visionary like me, or maybe someone who has a wish, a dream, a deeply hidden desire, but maybe your life circumstances seem to create obstacles on your path.

You might need some more clarity, maybe some confidence, energetic preparation, a calmer nervous system, and a stronger body.

I have created this program specifically for the ones who want to create change in their life either in:

⭐️  Changing career

⭐️  Starting their business

⭐️  Launching  a new service or product

⭐️  Taking up a new project

⭐️  Even preparing for a crazy trip around the world.


Diana Poulsen

"Self-mastery starts with knowing how to ride the waves of emotions with a deep sense of awareness, how to meet your own needs, claim radical self-acceptance, align with your purpose and let your vision lead you."

What clients say about group exeriences

What clients say about "The Shift"

What clients say about the "Follow Your Flow"

Programs with 1-1 Support

The best Program for the Ones who Start Spiritual Journey. Alignment with Your True Self

Follow Your Flow: Five Core Elements

Let’s get back to simplicity. The science of the five elements comes from old Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and yogic traditions. However, it is very relevant and practical in modern times.

Elements are all around us and in us. By recognizing our unique constitution of the elements, we can become aware of what lifestyle, personal and work-life changes we need to apply, so we feel more grounded, balanced, experience emotional ease, creativity, mental clarity, connection to intuition, energy, and inner power to take action and achieve our intentions in life.

Diana Poulsen

"The feeling is energy. Repressed feelings block our energy.
If we repress all feelings, we also repress positive ones,
We may shut down our needs,
Lose the ability to enjoy pleasure and human touch."

The course is for you, if you:

⭐️ You are excited to explore elements as medicine – to heal and transform your life and body, so you become whole.

⭐️ You are a visionary human and know you are here to make a change, yet you haven’t fully actualized your purpose, mission, and vision.

⭐️ You crave reliable practices & tools that you can use to quickly return to balance when you feel stuck or a bit “off.”

⭐️ You want to learn Kundalini yoga, breath, and Quantum Flow practices and a diversity of subtle practices to embody your true self and weave into higher awareness about yourself.

⭐️ You’ve been feeling stuck in old patterns.

⭐️ You need the transformational shift that brings you to the next level of your expansion in chosen areas of your life.

⭐️ You are ready to heal your wounds on a deeper level and maintain balanced relationships with others.

⭐️ You have many ideas, however, you do not see tangible results.

If some or all of these descriptions sound like you, this program might be the right fit for you. 

What clients say about the "Follow Your Flow"

Love Crystal:
Emotional Mastery

A path to emotional mastery. The program is dedicated to healing inner child wounds, reparenting yourself, understanding the cause of emotional triggers and disturbances, and leading you back to your true self with the depth of your feelings. 

⭐️ Union of Lower and Higher Self

⭐️ Balancing Feminine and Masculine

⭐️ Leading from the Heart

The next container starts in May, 2023

What clients say about the "Quantum Flow"

What clients say about the "Quantum Flow"

tailor made programs

Tailored Made Program for your Specific Needs
3, 6 & 12 months

Initiation into Surrendered Leadership

Quantum Flow is an embodiment method that works on every layer of your being. It is a technology used to manifest from your Soul; your life purpose, your dreams and your best life ever. Through movement, breath flow, vibrational sound, and meditation you tap into the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities using the body as a vehicle of transformation, manifestation, and abundance. 

Quantum Flow utilizes the vehicle of your body, which is your temple, to align with the Soul in order to manifest and ultimately share the gifts – from the Universe – that want to flow through you! 

During this group training, we will move through the seven stages of Manifestation :

Grounding, Alchemy, Incorement, Radiancy, Flow, Integration and Divine Truth. 

Quantum Flow works on multiple levels simultaneously: physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual. You are clearing your mind, learning to focus and let go of the unconscious mind that may be holding you back from living your best life ever. On a physical level, Quantum Flow releases stuck, dormant energies stored in the cells of the body.

Emotions are vibrations, they are frequencies that are magnetic. You learn how to use your emotions to transform any low vibrational emotions (that keep you playing small), into vibrating from the high level frequency that will awaken your Soul purpose.

At a spiritual level you are working at the core of it all, beyond the mind, beyond the body living in the light of your heart. Ultimately, you are coming back to your natural state which is the vibration of the Soul.

The expected start date: Q4, 2023