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Ignite Your Purpose

“We do have the innermost, inner and outer purpose. We usually start with looking for an outer purpose, while we always live our inner purpose by seeing our mistakes, wounds, and old stories as learning opportunities. Our innermost purpose lies in the seed of our consciousness, ready to be discovered.” Diana Poulsen



If you are searching for that spark of inspiration to catalyze your career transformation, “Ignite Your Purpose” is crafted for those ready to align their actions with their deepest heart’s desires.

This concise yet profound course combines strategic insights, proven methods, and practical tips designed to set the stage for a significant career shift.

This course is tailored for individuals:

  • In careers that no longer fulfill them,
  • Performing work aligned with their “shadow purpose”—activities they excel in but which do not engender a state of fulfillment and growth,
  • Seeking inspiration to live their purpose.

What will you receive?

What clients say about the "Ignite Your Purpose"

What clients say about the "Ignite Your Purpose"

The best Program for the Ones who Want to Have a grounded embodied path to inner union

Follow Your Flow: Five Core Elements

Embrace simplicity and timeless wisdom with our course grounded in ancient Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and yogic traditions. “Follow Your Flow: The Five Elements” reveals how these enduring insights are not only relevant but also profoundly practical today.

"In every challenge, find elemental balance: Earth grounds our actions, Water soothes our emotions, Air clears our thoughts, Fire fuels our heart's desires, and Space opens new paths."
Diana Poulsen

Discover how elements shape our lives:

  • Grounding and Balance: Learn how to stabilize your life through a deeper understanding of your elemental constitution.
  • Emotional Ease and Creativity: Unlock the emotional and creative potentials that flow from elemental harmony.
    Mental Clarity and Intuition: Gain clarity and connect with your intuitive insights.
    Energize and Empower: Harness your inner power to take action and realize your life’s intentions.

This course is designed for:

  • Healing Enthusiasts: Those eager to explore elements as transformative tools for body and life healing.
  • Visionaries: Individuals aware of their potential to effect change but are yet to fully realize their purpose, mission, and vision.
  • Seekers of Balance: Anyone needing  reliable methods to restore balance.
  • Practice Explorers: Those interested in learning Kundalini yoga, breathwork, Quantum Flow, and other subtle practices for embodying their true self.
  • Pattern Breakers: Individuals feeling stuck in old habits and desiring a fresh start.
  • Expansion Ready: Those at a threshold, ready for the next significant step in personal or professional growth.
  • Deep Healers: Individuals prepared to address deep-seated wounds and foster balanced relationships.
  • Idea-Rich but Missing Results: If you have many ideas but struggle to see tangible outcomes.

What clients say about the "Follow Your Flow"

What clients say about the "Follow Your Flow"

The Art of Relating

Healing Wounds of Relating to Others

Love Crystal:
From Soul Wounds to Soul Wisdom

“Love Crystal” is designed for those seeking to heal deeply rooted emotional wounds,  realign their lives with their true essence and harmonize their relationship. This course offers a profound exploration into the healing of personal and ancestral traumas, clearing limiting beliefs, and fostering a balanced integration of one’s masculine and feminine energies.

Who is this course for?

-Individuals looking to overcome deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas.
-Those ready to eradicate self-doubt, unworthiness, and fears that hinder personal growth.
-Anyone seeking to break free from ancestral and subconscious patterns that limit their capacity to connect with others deeply.

What will you receive?

Deep Emotional Healing and Renewal: Participants have experienced profound shifts, from healing deep-rooted emotional wounds to rediscovering joy and peace within themselves, marking the beginning of a journey filled with self-love and inner balance.

Eradication of Limiting Beliefs: You will clear away every last trace of self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear of loneliness, embracing the true expanse of your soul’s radiance. Your relationships, both with yourself and others, will transform as a byproduct.

Healing of Ancestral and Subconscious Patterns: Unlock and heal patterns that have kept you from fully realizing your potential, enabling you to step into the expansiveness of your being and embrace the love and connection you deserve.

Embodiment Practices for Inner Union: Through guided embodiment practices, you’ll connect deeply with your masculine and feminine energies, fostering a sense of completeness and attracting relationships that mirror your newfound wholeness.

Energetic Alignment with Your Highest Vision:
You’ll learn to realign with your highest path whenever life throws you off course, ensuring that your actions and choices consistently reflect your deepest desires and truths.

"Within You Lies A Wellspring Of Love, Waiting To Overflow. The Journey Inward Unlocks The Crystal Clarity Of Self-Love, Illuminating Paths To Deep Connections And Inner Harmony. Embrace Your Journey; Let The Crystal Within Guide You To Your True Essence And Boundless Love." Diana Poulsen

Elevated Leadership

Energetic Alignment & Strategy for Actualizing What Your True Heart's Desires

Actualize Your Vision

Embrace a unique structure to materialize projects that resonate with your deepest aspirations. In the “Stepwise” program, you’ll move beyond conventional career and business strategies, focusing instead on internal balance and alignment with the elemental forces of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. This approach not only supports your soul’s evolution but integrates your heart’s desires seamlessly into your life’s journey.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to ground their work in a stable and sustainable foundation.
    Those looking to enhance their emotional and mental agility to better navigate the complexities of business and personal growth.
    Individuals aiming to infuse their careers and projects with passion, creativity, and strategic insight.

What does it include:

A Roadmap Based on the Five Elements: Comprehensive Guidance: Each module of the program aligns with the five core elements—Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. These elements provide a structured roadmap to navigate every project, career pursuit, or business endeavor you face.

Elemental Insights: Understand how each element contributes to different stages of your journey, from grounding and planning to emotional flow, mental clarity, inner power, and holistic integration.

Activations and Meditations: Energetic Support: Engage in activations and meditations designed to support you in finding your unique approach to managing your energy and staying aligned with your true self.

Inner Alignment: These practices will help you connect deeply with your inner wisdom, enhance your intuition, and maintain balance throughout your journey.

Self-Reflection Exercises: Clarity and Awareness: Gain a clear understanding of your current situation, capacities, and future direction through guided self-reflection exercises.

Personal Growth: Reflect on your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and set realistic, aligned goals for your personal and professional life.

"True evolution begins when we stop measuring our worth by external achievements and embrace our inner balance." Diana Poulsen

What clients say about group exeriences

What clients say about the "Quantum Flow"

1-1 Mentoring specifically Tailored for Conscious Leaders: Consciousness Shifts and Somatic Embodiment

Elevated Leadership

Elevated Leadership is a transformative leadership style that guides individuals to lead from the highest aspects of consciousness. It involves leading with authenticity, making visionary decisions, exhibiting resilience, fostering harmonious relationships, and operating from an elevated consciousness. This approach empowers leaders to align their actions with their true selves and broader, spiritual contexts, thereby inspiring profound loyalty and effectiveness within their teams and organizations.

Outline for 1-1 Mentoring Program: 

Introduction to Elevated Leadership

Understanding the fundamentals of leading from higher consciousness.
Overview of the Integral Liberation Method and its relevance to leadership.

Leading from Authenticity

Tools and exercises for self-discovery and realignment.
Strategies to peel away inauthentic layers and societal conditioning.
Practices for maintaining transparency and genuineness in leadership roles.

Visionary Decision-Making

Techniques to reconnect with a pristine form of consciousness.
Developing clarity on life’s purpose and the broader impact of leadership decisions.
Training on proactive and visionary decision-making aligned with higher goals.

Resilient Leadership

Building internal power and resilience through practical exercises (Quantum Flow, Breath).
Methods to transform challenges into opportunities and adapt to setbacks.
Strategies to inspire resilience in teams and organizations.

Harmonious Relationships

Emotional healing and awareness exercises tailored for leaders.
Skills development for cultivating deep, empathetic connections within teams.
Techniques to reduce conflict and enhance collaborative dynamics.

Elevated Consciousness in Leadership

Practices to enhance consciousness in daily leadership tasks.
Connecting day-to-day operations to spiritual and higher objectives.
Inspiring loyalty and motivation by helping team members connect their roles to these elevated goals.
Application and Integration

+ Continuous feedback sessions to refine leadership style.
+ Personalized action plans to implement elevated leadership in real-world scenarios.

The new opening for 1-1 mentoring spaces: June, 20025. You can book a free clarity call with me, so we can see if we are the right match for working together.

What clients say about the Embodiment 1-1 Sessions