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Integral Liberation Method

“Freedom blossoms through the mastery of self, where emotional wisdom meets spiritual depth.”

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Hey Beautiful Human, I’m Diana

I’m Diana, a spiritual mentor for individuals, both men and women, who are dedicated to the path of self-mastery, seeking fulfilling relationships, and are here to manifest their heart’s desires.

My calling is to elevate consciousness across our planet, guiding fellow humans on their ascension journey towards embracing their authentic selves. I am here to illuminate the path, aiding others in discovering their true purpose, nurturing and enhancing their relationships, and stepping into their highest potential with serenity, grace, and wisdom.

Since embarking on this sacred journey in 2012, I’ve orchestrated over 100 transformative events, fostering connections among hearts and minds across diverse cultures and continents. Additionally, I’ve co-authored a bestselling book and have impacted countless lives through online programs, immersive events, and personalized mentoring sessions.

My approach is deeply rooted in the principles of Alchemy and Purification, merging Ancient Wisdom with Spiritual Psychology and Energy Science. Through numerous initiations, I’ve developed a unique healing modality that empowers others on their journey towards wholeness and inner strength.

                     AS SEEN IN

“Through the process of awakening, we start seeing clearer who we really are and what we are meant to do in this world. Once we realign with Source Wisdom itself, we connect with the leading force that guides us and our actions in life towards our most aligned life path, career and relationship.”

Clients Love

international Award winning book

Success Codes: Secrets To Success You Weren't Taught In School

Success Codes, Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School helps to answer the question, “What really is success”? To many, it’s defined as having luxury cars, an expensive home and a nice, 6-figure salary. To others, it might look like having a laundry list of certifications, awards and letters in front of their name. 

Yet this book invites a reader to explore what the internal feeling of success and how one can define success free of conditioning. This book explores the themes of internal success, authenticity, inner happiness, joy, challenges and embracing our unique nature. Written by Diana Poulsen together with other female leaders, visionaries and business owners, Success Codes redefines success as we know it and offers some inspiring, provoking, and moving stories along the way. 

If you are a seeker of inspiration, thinking of leaving the corporate world, on a quest to find the meaning of life, a lover of stories, or sick of society’s expectations and norms, this book is for you.