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Freedom to Be You

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I’m Diana Poulsen
Bridging Heaven & Earth

I am a creator and a transformational leader with a focus on emotional mastery, spirituality & conscious organizations.  My mission is to rise consciousness on planet Earth and to support human beings on their path to an embodiment of their true self and surrendered leadership, so that they can experience inner freedom in their relationships, work, and play.

Since 2015, I have held over 100 conscious events uniting humans across different cultures and locations, co-written a bestselling book, and supported hundreds of humans in their transformations through Online programs, immersions, and 1-1 coaching. 

I am the founder of the Flair Academy, a company dedicated to supporting conscious organizations in business evolution, Human Resource management, and organizational change. I personally consult organizations on conscious HR management, teamwork, and surrendered leadership.

My spiritual path is the one of Alchemy – internal transformation with the support from Ancient Traditions, Galactic Frequencies & Embodiment practices. Please read more about my story and my methods below. 


                     AS SEEN IN

“Through the process of awakening, we start seeing clearer who we really are and what we are meant to do in this world. Once we realign with Source itself, we connect with the life force that leads us and our actions in life towards our Highest Vision & most aligned life path.”

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Love Crystal

A path to emotional mastery. The program is dedicated to healing inner child wounds, reparenting yourself, understanding the cause of emotional triggers and disturbances, and leading you back to your true self with the depth of your feelings. 

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