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Actualize Your Vision

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I’m Diana Poulsen
I invite you to be FREE to be YOU

Diana Poulsen is an Embodiment Teacher, an Author, a Consciousness Coach, and a Visionary Business Mentor.

She is the founder of the Flair Academy, a company dedicated to helping individuals and teams to ignite their true purpose, actualize their vision, upgrade their conscious business and leadership skills, and evolve to new levels of energy mastery. 

Driven by a desire to create a career and life path that aligns with her essence and meaningful aspects of life, Diana decided to leave her previous career, and embark on the journey of inner alchemy, transmutation, and transformation while taking different pieces of training, doing group and solo retreats in India, Europe, and Caribbean islands.

Now Diana has supported a number of teams and individuals in creating a conscious career and personal life path. She has also been a facilitator of hundreds of authentic connection events and workshops as she believes in the power of cooperation and collaboration. 


                     AS SEEN IN

“Through the process of awakening, we start seeing clearer who we really are and what we are meant to do in this world. Once we align with our higher vision, we connect with the life force that leads us and our actions in life.”

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Actualize Your Vision


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Group Program

Actualize Your Vision

A 5-week group program to receive a clear roadmap to actualizing your vision with support and guidance from a team of experts. 

If you have a dream, a vision, a project, that you would like to pursue, a wish to change your career, get a new job, create or expand your business, this 5 step process will help you stabilize and ground yourself, release what is stopping you, get crystal clear on your vision, create an aligned strategy and plan, and learn to take space and relax, so you are ready to receive what you are calling in.

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