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If you love the interaction with people, discussions, and transformational event experience, welcome to join our events.

If you have a request for a special event or want to cooperate with us, let us know.


We love life interactions!

However, due to the current situations, all workshops have been postponed. We will update you with the schedule for 2021.

I will be offering the workshops on the following topics:

Ignite Your Purpose

Emotional Freedom Journey: 5 Soul Wounds

5 Elements: Follow Your Flow

Let Your Vision Lead You

Kundalini Yoga for 8 Energy Centers



Shelab is an intentional project of three creative women. We organize Authentic Events for modern women in personal development, spirituality, and entrepreneurship served up with a little space of passion, insights from ancient wisdom, and a compassionate heart.

You can join our events with inspiring speakers and meditation facilitators or we can bring the event to Your country in cooperation with Your team.

We help women embody new levels of personal development, leadership, and conscious evolution so they can land in their true selves, self-love, personal power and manifest their visions with flow and grace.

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