personal coaching

  • Mental Clarity

    The air element is the moving force of the entire universe. If there is movement, then there is air. Air is associated with the mind, intellect, clarity, and positivity.


    It represents our mental activity such as intellect and the ability to reason, memory, thoughts, knowledge, and comprehension. Just as we breathe, so do we think, communicate, and relate to higher wisdom and true self.

    If the element of air is missing, we might feel a lack of discernment qualities, lack of mental clarity, focus, creative ideas, playfulness, and decision power. We might feel dull, either stuck in our emotions or merely in our fiery actions.


    If there is too much air element, then we can feel disconnected from body and reality, feel anxious, mentally stressed, all over the place, restless, and always in the mind space.


    Once the air element is balanced, we feel mental clarity, focus, discernment, we can move beyond our thoughts, connect with our intuition, inner guidance, purpose, and vision.


    We feel light inside of ourselves and have the ability to move through experiences and challenges easily. We develop qualities of a higher mind by seeing things clearly as they are and being able to make calm and clear choices in life.


    The balanced air element connects us with our truth, which helps us to make the right decisions faster and connect with our intuition.


    When we feel connected with our vision on a deeper level, we take actions from an aligned place with ease, grace, and flow.


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  • Ignite Your Inner Fire

    The fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, joy, vision, passion, inner power, and inner bliss. It can create, initiate and accomplish projects, it gives as excitement and enthusiasm to move through challenges of life.


    Our inner fire is our inner power, once we are connected with our inner power, inner confidence, we can freely speak our truth, accept who we are, have inner peace and inner freedom, which allows us to have a clear discernment and action plan in any situation in life. ⁠


    Our inner fire is our fuel of life, it allows us to transform the inner blocks and discomfort, it allows us to find a spark of inspiration to move forward and take aligned actions. Aligned actions are actions that come from our essence.⁠


    People who have too much fire, tend to be impatient, angry, aggressive, overly goal-oriented, very often stressed.⁠

    People who do not have enough fire, tend to feel sluggish, stay in one place way longer when it serves them, lack the energy of inspiration and transformation.⁠


    People who have balanced energy of fire, tend to be joyful, inspiring, and inspired, able to transform the inner shadows and wounds, strategise, find solutions, and take actions towards their vision without a need to control and force things to work out.⁠

  • Let Go of Control

    Let Go of Control.

    The space element is very light, refined, and goes beyond and above everything, you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it, it’s always there. Once we have enough space element, we will have space for all other elements.

    Space is also allowing us to look beyond and above our ordinary experience and our ordinary reality. We can go to the states of mind which move us beyond thoughts, beyond emotions, beyond attachment to the current reality.

    By creating space in our meditation practice, we open up to the vast view of life, and we merge with the higher states of consciousness.

    When we do not have enough elements of space, everything that appears in our life seems solid and real, small problems can be devastating.

    When we have too little space, it’s easier for one element to dominate the others. So, we can be either too aggressive, fiery, or too stubborn, and afraid of change, or too emotional.

    When we are too much in the element of space, we feel “spacy”, that space is not an integration, it’s losing connection to the other elements. We might feel dizzy, disconnected from reality, out in the clouds, and have a hard time creating a fulfilling life in our reality.

    When the space element is balanced in us, there is room in life, whatever arises can move through us. We are not so attached to things, people, and circumstances, we can connect with our higher self and higher guides, as well as experience higher states of consciousness.