Personal Growth

  • On the Journey to Unconditionally Loving Yourself

    Journey to your true self

    Will be a reflection of your self-love.

    The more you love who you truly are

    The more courage you will find

    To embody your true self

    And bring your heart-felt vision to life.


    Loving ourselves will help

    To find the right balance

    Between giving and receiving love.

    Once we only give love,

    We will start feeling depleted,

    Tired, angry, and resentful.


    If we only receive love,

    Our view will be distorted by

    Selfish motivation and intention.

    Once we find a balance between the two,

    We will become a dance of love itself,

    Allowing the flow of giving and receiving it.


  • Our Body is the temple of transformation and manifestation

    I have recently been certified and initiated in the art of Quantum Flow embodiment practices.

    It has been the most powerful, transformative, and expansive conscious embodiment practice I have tried.


    And I have tried many forms of yoga, Tai Chi, Gi Qong, and I’m a certified Hatha and Kundalini, yoga teacher. But this practice was something different.

    Quantum flow practices accelerated the inner being in a very gentle yet powerful and profound way.


    Quantum Flow is an embodiment method that works on every layer of our being. It is a technology used to manifest from our Soul; our life purpose, highest vision, and the most aligned life ever.


    Through movement, breath flow, vibrational sound, and meditation, you tap into the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities using the body as a vehicle of transformation, manifestation, and abundance.


    You are opening up to full manifestation in every layer of your being, working through the physical body from a deep cellular level, re-wiring, “bio-hacking” the nervous system, expanding your energy body (chakras and meridians), upgrading your electromagnetic field so you can tap into the messages of your Soul, your highest intuition.


    Quantum Flow works on multiple levels simultaneously: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You learn how to use your emotions to transform any low vibrational emotions, into vibrating from the high-level frequency that will awaken your Soul purpose.



  • Becoming Neutral Observer

    It’s an illusion to believe that “once we work through our shadows, we will always be happy”.

    It’s not a natural state.


    Toxic positivity can be a dangerous game if we judge ourselves from not feeling on top or having feelings of sadness.

    Life indeed can present circumstances and experiences that will make us sad.

    And indeed, opening our hearts fully, we will risk getting hurt.

    And no, it’s not always because we haven’t resolved something inside ourselves, or that we are not fully healed.


    It is simply called LIFE 🙂


    However, the way we approach our sadness changes with the rising consciousness and awareness about ourselves.

    We can simply observe the feelings of sadness and pain without attaching or grasping them.

    As much as we shall not be attached to feelings of happiness and excitement – they shall pass to.


    Relationships in our life will teach us the depth of emotional presence.

    And once we work on our inner child wounds, unconscious shadows, and start to validate the full spectrum of our feelings, we will become much more open to the full spectrum of emotions as we will not identify ourselves with them.

    Allow yourself to FEEL, so you can heal.


  • How grounded are you?

    How grounded do you feel?⁠


    Do you feel a sense of inner stability in the midst of external chaos?⁠⁠


    People with balanced Earth elements tend to be grounded, practical, appreciating, and embracing this reality. They have strength, resilience, and they know how to bring visions to reality. ⁠⁠


    People with missing Earth elements tend to be ungrounded, scattered, or overly emotional. They can envision a lot of things, dream about them, but they miss seeing tangible results in life. ⁠


    They can also stay too much in their mind without acknowledging and appreciating the moments of now. Their decisions can be governed by fear of uncertainty, fear of lack, and fear of existence itself. They can also be detached from their real financial situation.⁠


    People with too much of Earth element can be overly focused on acquiring the tangible things, and disconnected from higher aspects of life and their emotions, they can also be slow to change and not wanting to grow more. They can also be too much attached to reality, so they don’t see a reason to expand, and can also tend to feel depressed.⁠


    You can recognise there you are in these descriptions, and how connected you feel to the earth element. Once you identify yourself, you can take the steps to balance your earth element, so it will create a foundation and stability for your work and personal life.⁠


    Feel free to find more grounding exercises in my free ebook

  • Emotional Flow

    The element of water brings flexibility, flow, and emotional freedom to our life. Once we are connected with the element of water, we find this soft resilience in moving through challenges in life, we are connected with our emotions, we can receive and give love, we are connected to our creative expression.⁠


    Sometimes we try to make our feelings disappear because we are afraid of them. We are afraid because acknowledging what we really feel would bring us face to face with reality. So, we try to hide from feeling our emotions.

    Sometimes, our emotions are stored since childhood, if we have never let ourselves experience and feel what we feel. ⁠

    Repressing or denying feelings can lead to headaches, blockages, and weakened health conditions. It can lead to addiction, compulsive behaviours. And they don’t go away. Even it can feel unpleasant at first, it is necessary to do deep soul work, so we can discover our main soul wounds, stories and then we can heal them and move to the natural state of being.⁠


    The feeling is energy. Repressed feelings block our energy. Therefore, it’s so important to find time and space to connect with our emotions, wounds, and deeper feelings, so we can identify our needs, wants, wishes.⁠


    If we have a balanced water element, we can flow through life, let go of control, feel the emotional flow, tap into our creativity, love ourselves and others, feel all emotions, yet not be attached to them.


    Find out more about the water element, how you can identify your connection to it, and what practices you can use to bring your emotions into balance inside my newest e-book + free training on the five elements.

  • Ignite Your Inner Fire

    The fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, joy, vision, passion, inner power, and inner bliss. It can create, initiate and accomplish projects, it gives as excitement and enthusiasm to move through challenges of life.


    Our inner fire is our inner power, once we are connected with our inner power, inner confidence, we can freely speak our truth, accept who we are, have inner peace and inner freedom, which allows us to have a clear discernment and action plan in any situation in life. ⁠


    Our inner fire is our fuel of life, it allows us to transform the inner blocks and discomfort, it allows us to find a spark of inspiration to move forward and take aligned actions. Aligned actions are actions that come from our essence.⁠


    People who have too much fire, tend to be impatient, angry, aggressive, overly goal-oriented, very often stressed.⁠

    People who do not have enough fire, tend to feel sluggish, stay in one place way longer when it serves them, lack the energy of inspiration and transformation.⁠


    People who have balanced energy of fire, tend to be joyful, inspiring, and inspired, able to transform the inner shadows and wounds, strategise, find solutions, and take actions towards their vision without a need to control and force things to work out.⁠

  • 5 Steps to Conscious Leadership 2

     “In The Second Episode, Diana and YvG5O Discussed:

    • Step Two; VISION: develop a vision for yourself/your project/your team. See the bigger picture and meaning in it, expand your vision beyond the details. Make a commitment to it.
    • Step Three; INSPIRATION: find self-less confidence within. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi. Once you move towards greater purpose, you lose selfish craving for recognition and you start enabling others around you without too much stress and pressure: your clients, colleagues, suppliers, your team, your business, organization and so on. You become an inspiration for others by dedicating to your vision. You give a direction by leaving space for creativity of any parties involved.
    • Step Four; DETERMINATION: Focused actions and mindful decision making. Determination, commitment and steady movement towards your personal/business/team/company vision. Taking actions and making decisions which are in alignment with overall values and vision.
    • Step Five; OPENNESS: Everything is changing all the time, especially in fast pace technology work: “effectiveness is a measure of true”. Finding the time to review your/your project’s/your employees’ growth, lessons and effectiveness. Finding space for free expression, review, understanding and support for your own mistakes and people who are involved in your project. “Listen here
  • 5 Steps to Conscious Leadership 1

    “Can everyone become a conscious leader and if yes, what does it take to become one? Listen to this captivating conversation with Diana Poulsen where we come to the conclusion that conscious leadership is not only for progressive corporations and businesses but also for each and every one of us in terms of self-leadership.

    In The First Episode, Diana and YvG5O Deep-Dived into:

    • Step One: AWARENESS – begin with understanding yourself, your journey, your inner motivation, identify the factors that leads you to your inner growth and expansion.
    • How conscious leadership of yourself, others and organization and create change in the world?
    • What is the biggest challenge in stepping into conscious leadership?
    • How does the everyday life of an aware and unaware leader differ?”

    Listen here

  • Two aspects of “self”

    All of us has both a personal self/personality/ego as well as an impersonal aspect/soul/core/essence to our being. Our personal self, or your personality, is being directed at all times by our mind and our five senses. While your core essence, the being within, is being directed by something far greater than you can imagine.

    When you connect with the core within you, your answers will naturally flow through you including your Life’s Purpose. These responses do not come from our mind or body, and might or might not be supported by others, but you will recognize them by BURNING DESIRE inside your HEART, by PASSION you feel thinking about it and the amount of JOY you feel it can give to you.

    People might say, you are SELFISH if you even consider going for your inner desires. But they usually relate it to external desires, which are ego driven desires accumulated by the excessive need to please society, be accepted and acknowledged by the external world. An internal desire comes from your true self, once you begin to meet yourself at a soul level and start listening to your intuition rather than the ideas you’ve been conditioned to believe.

    It is then that you begin to live a life filled with passion and purpose. At the end, it’s actually opposite, denying the universe the opportunity to do its work through you is the truly selfish act. I wouldn’t even call it an internal desire, I would call it LIVING IN ALIGNMENT.? You cannot change the world before you change yourself for the better; and to change yourself for the better you shall start living a life filled with passion and purpose.

  • Your True Purpose

    More and more people are driven more by purpose than money. Even it is so, we fist need to know what our purpose is.

    Many of my coaching clients come to me with this precise question. They feel a keen desire to make a positive impact on the world, but they aren’t sure how to go about it.

    First objective in working together is figuring out where their passion lies. Then and only then do we begin the process of creating a strategy towards it and defining which specific job or field of work will fulfill their desires. Some useful steps on the way:

    1. Imagination and Intuition. Clearing that no longer serves us, getting into some morning or evening routines and letting our imagination and intuition to take over – free flow writing, creating a vision board, drawing or meditating. Let your fantasy go wild and see where it leads to. What are your hobbies? What do you post about on Facebook? What did you love doing as a child? What would you do even you do it for free? Ask people around, what do they love to do and be inspired.

    2. Strategy. In order to get your fears and doubts satisfied, it can be helpful to create a strategy towards where you want to be in 1, 3 or 5 years. Start with short term goals. Once your mind is satisfied with a strategy, you can let your intuition flow and lead you – strategy might change over time, but it’s not so important.

    3. Mindset work. This is a continuous process, but extremely important, yet difficult at the beginning. Figure out all limiting beliefs, which might stop you on the way. Change them to new beliefs and positive affirmations. It will not change over night, but you shall start somewhere.

    4. Inspired Actions. You can imagine, you can plan, but if you don’t take actions results might not satisfy you. Take Actions that FEEL GOOD to you. It doesn’t mean uncomfortable, sometimes we need to do something uncomfortable, so we feel good after. But you should not feel a pressure, a sense of contraction or especially “have to”, “need to” feeling towards taking an action.

    5. Living in Alignment. We are work in progress and constantly growing all the time, but once you follow your purpose and learn to live in alignment with your essence, you no longer need “to have it all together by age of 30, 35, 40”, “do this so then you finally can…follow passion”, “have it all under control”. Once you live in alignment, you are the plan, you are the creator and any barriers of time and age stop limiting you.