“In The Second Episode, Diana and YvG5O Discussed:

  • Step Two; VISION: develop a vision for yourself/your project/your team. See the bigger picture and meaning in it, expand your vision beyond the details. Make a commitment to it.
  • Step Three; INSPIRATION: find self-less confidence within. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi. Once you move towards greater purpose, you lose selfish craving for recognition and you start enabling others around you without too much stress and pressure: your clients, colleagues, suppliers, your team, your business, organization and so on. You become an inspiration for others by dedicating to your vision. You give a direction by leaving space for creativity of any parties involved.
  • Step Four; DETERMINATION: Focused actions and mindful decision making. Determination, commitment and steady movement towards your personal/business/team/company vision. Taking actions and making decisions which are in alignment with overall values and vision.
  • Step Five; OPENNESS: Everything is changing all the time, especially in fast pace technology work: “effectiveness is a measure of true”. Finding the time to review your/your project’s/your employees’ growth, lessons and effectiveness. Finding space for free expression, review, understanding and support for your own mistakes and people who are involved in your project. “Listen here