All of us has both a personal self/personality/ego as well as an impersonal aspect/soul/core/essence to our being. Our personal self, or your personality, is being directed at all times by our mind and our five senses. While your core essence, the being within, is being directed by something far greater than you can imagine.

When you connect with the core within you, your answers will naturally flow through you including your Life’s Purpose. These responses do not come from our mind or body, and might or might not be supported by others, but you will recognize them by BURNING DESIRE inside your HEART, by PASSION you feel thinking about it and the amount of JOY you feel it can give to you.

People might say, you are SELFISH if you even consider going for your inner desires. But they usually relate it to external desires, which are ego driven desires accumulated by the excessive need to please society, be accepted and acknowledged by the external world. An internal desire comes from your true self, once you begin to meet yourself at a soul level and start listening to your intuition rather than the ideas you’ve been conditioned to believe.

It is then that you begin to live a life filled with passion and purpose. At the end, it’s actually opposite, denying the universe the opportunity to do its work through you is the truly selfish act. I wouldn’t even call it an internal desire, I would call it LIVING IN ALIGNMENT.? You cannot change the world before you change yourself for the better; and to change yourself for the better you shall start living a life filled with passion and purpose.