personal growth

  • Emotional Flow

    The element of water brings flexibility, flow, and emotional freedom to our life. Once we are connected with the element of water, we find this soft resilience in moving through challenges in life, we are connected with our emotions, we can receive and give love, we are connected to our creative expression.⁠


    Sometimes we try to make our feelings disappear because we are afraid of them. We are afraid because acknowledging what we really feel would bring us face to face with reality. So, we try to hide from feeling our emotions.

    Sometimes, our emotions are stored since childhood, if we have never let ourselves experience and feel what we feel. ⁠

    Repressing or denying feelings can lead to headaches, blockages, and weakened health conditions. It can lead to addiction, compulsive behaviours. And they don’t go away. Even it can feel unpleasant at first, it is necessary to do deep soul work, so we can discover our main soul wounds, stories and then we can heal them and move to the natural state of being.⁠


    The feeling is energy. Repressed feelings block our energy. Therefore, it’s so important to find time and space to connect with our emotions, wounds, and deeper feelings, so we can identify our needs, wants, wishes.⁠


    If we have a balanced water element, we can flow through life, let go of control, feel the emotional flow, tap into our creativity, love ourselves and others, feel all emotions, yet not be attached to them.


    Find out more about the water element, how you can identify your connection to it, and what practices you can use to bring your emotions into balance inside my newest e-book + free training on the five elements.

  • Ignite Your Inner Fire

    The fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, joy, vision, passion, inner power, and inner bliss. It can create, initiate and accomplish projects, it gives as excitement and enthusiasm to move through challenges of life.


    Our inner fire is our inner power, once we are connected with our inner power, inner confidence, we can freely speak our truth, accept who we are, have inner peace and inner freedom, which allows us to have a clear discernment and action plan in any situation in life. ⁠


    Our inner fire is our fuel of life, it allows us to transform the inner blocks and discomfort, it allows us to find a spark of inspiration to move forward and take aligned actions. Aligned actions are actions that come from our essence.⁠


    People who have too much fire, tend to be impatient, angry, aggressive, overly goal-oriented, very often stressed.⁠

    People who do not have enough fire, tend to feel sluggish, stay in one place way longer when it serves them, lack the energy of inspiration and transformation.⁠


    People who have balanced energy of fire, tend to be joyful, inspiring, and inspired, able to transform the inner shadows and wounds, strategise, find solutions, and take actions towards their vision without a need to control and force things to work out.⁠

  • Let Go of Control

    Let Go of Control.

    The space element is very light, refined, and goes beyond and above everything, you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it, it’s always there. Once we have enough space element, we will have space for all other elements.

    Space is also allowing us to look beyond and above our ordinary experience and our ordinary reality. We can go to the states of mind which move us beyond thoughts, beyond emotions, beyond attachment to the current reality.

    By creating space in our meditation practice, we open up to the vast view of life, and we merge with the higher states of consciousness.

    When we do not have enough elements of space, everything that appears in our life seems solid and real, small problems can be devastating.

    When we have too little space, it’s easier for one element to dominate the others. So, we can be either too aggressive, fiery, or too stubborn, and afraid of change, or too emotional.

    When we are too much in the element of space, we feel “spacy”, that space is not an integration, it’s losing connection to the other elements. We might feel dizzy, disconnected from reality, out in the clouds, and have a hard time creating a fulfilling life in our reality.

    When the space element is balanced in us, there is room in life, whatever arises can move through us. We are not so attached to things, people, and circumstances, we can connect with our higher self and higher guides, as well as experience higher states of consciousness.